Our Story

Our family of four were all born in different countries.  Two in the Northern hemisphere and two in the Southern.  Over the last 25 years we have lived in truly iconic locations – Melbourne, London, Moscow, Cascais and Perth.  We have travelled the world for business and pleasure, from the Americas to Africa and from Europe to Antartica.   We thought we had seen the best the world has to offer; it’s most beautiful cultures and locations.  However, a new world opened before us when we finally discovered the South Island of New Zealand, and more importantly, Wanaka itself.  A world of the utmost beauty, a people who are welcoming and gracious, and an environment where every possible pursuit is available right on your doorstep.

Wanaka is the dream and over the last four years we have built The Dacha to be our home.  A home of peace and tranquility in an ever changing global world.  Our children have now left home but The Dacha is our special place where we come together to remember, enjoy and reminisce.

We invite you to share and experience the remarkable South Island of New Zealand, the joys of Wanaka and the luxury, tranquility and beauty of our home – The Dacha.  This is not a hotel or lodge run for purely business purposes.  This is our passion, our life, our home and quite simply it demands to be shared and enjoyed by people throughout the world other than just our family and friends.  We promise to help you create an unforgettable experience and memories to share for a lifetime.

Nick, Leigh, Georgia and Charlotte